BOO the App

Some of the great features you’ll find in the app.
wardrobe icon


Your BOO loves to dress up! Combine hats, shirts, suits, shoes and many more.
He loves it!
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Your BOO will sometimes need a little help, or treatment, and you'll have to figure out which one is the right one.
Travel icon


Take your BOO on a trip, one country is not enough :-).
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Pamper BOO’s gourmet palate with plenty to choose from!

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BOO simply loves to play, so enjoy it - both of you!

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Share your fashion skills and worldly adventures with other virtual BOO owners.

BOO the App video

It’s so cute that we decided everyone should have it, so it’s free!

The cutest app ever

Take a look at the screenshots to see just how cute BOO is.

Sure you’ll like the app

Take a look what players are saying!
I am pleased with the game, it came out very cute! Such an excellent work…
BOO´s owner
I cannot imagine to be without my virtual Boo anymore. He brings cuteness to my everyday life!
I never did expect that mobile game can be so cute. Dressing up BOO is my favourite part.
My phone suddenly came to life, awesome game.

Who is this App for?

“Hi! My name is BOO and I am a Pomeranian who’s energetic and loves attention. I love to play, sleep, travel, eat, wear fashionable clothes, pose for photoshoots, and play with my friends, Buddy and Bluebeary. I love being with my Human and now you are my Virtual Human.”

How it works?

This app enables every BOO fan to own his own virtual BOO. Just like the real BOO, your virtual BOO needs to be taken care of and given lots of love and attention!


If you want to take the challenge to get to the top of the Total Score chart, you will have to try your best to satisfy your virtual BOO’s needs. The better care you give your virtual BOO the higher the total score in the app you will get.

Pet Lovers

If you don’t want to compete with the other BOO APP owners, you can just have your own virtual BOO to play with and care for together.
Application Screenshot

Try BOO the App - it really costs nothing

It’s so cute that we decided everyone should have it, so it’s free!

BOO and his PALS

Buddy, Boo and Bluebeary take on the world! We are here to deliver cuddles and kisses!


Boo’s older brother, role model
and his best friend.


My name is Boo.
I am a dog. Life is good.


Golden retriever
Boo’s „little brother“ and the newest addition to the blonde mafia!

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